Flight Instructions & Orientation to Journey Experience

July 4, 2022

Every journey has a beginning, a middle, and an end. You will come back. Trust the process, trust the medicine, trust your inner organic healing intelligence, and trust the therapy relationship.

Approach the journey with a “beginners’ mind” and curiosity. Approach the journey like an anthropologist or an archeologist; you are going to explore. Relax your critical mind so that you are not analyzing what you are experiencing nor wondering why something is or is not coming up in the session.

Trust that whatever comes up in a session needs to come up even if you do not fully understand it. Trust that your inner healing intelligence will not bring up more than you can effectively handle or eventually integrate.

When something beautiful or magical emerges, move towards it, connect with it, and allow yourself to melt into it; when something is challenging, scary, confusing, or disturbing, in a similar way, move towards it with curiosity and inquiry.

When approaching challenging experiences or appearances, forms, beings, or phenomena, ask what they are there to teach you or to show you and thank them for whatever is shared.

Keep moving, let the music guide you and merge with you, and explore and enter different spaces or terrains so that if you see doors, open them. If you see staircases go up them. If you see planets, explore them. If you see bodies of water, go into them. If you see windows, jump through. Imagine the music is holding your hand; lean into the music.

Seeing is not believing in journey space, but seeing is becoming, and believing is through becoming. Learn to use your breath to explore, inquire and go deeper into experiences.

Ask for help whenever you need it in whatever form feels appropriate. Physical support, grounding, anchoring, and encouragement are available. You are safe; embrace the journey.

Influenced by Polaris Flight Instructions, Tim Leary, Stan Grof, Phil Wolfson and Rishi among others

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