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We curate content discussing the latest research on ketamine and mental health.

Ketamine as a Rapidly Effective Treatment for PTSD

June 30, 2022

The improvement in PTSD symptoms in the ketamine group was shown within 24 hours of the first infusion and was sustained for a median duration of 27.5 days after the primary outcome assessment day [...]

Oral Ketamine: Supplementary Treatment for IV Infusions

June 30, 2022

Oral ketamine is not designed to replace IV infusions but is used to extend the benefits of IV treatments. The initial dosage is typically 2-2.5 times the optimal IV infusion dose [...]

Flight Instructions & Orientation to Journey Experience

August 13, 2022

Trust that whatever comes up in a session needs to come up even if you do not fully understand it. When something beautiful or magical emerges, move towards it, connect with it [...]

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