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Case Study: Healing From Heartbreak

May 11, 2024

A freelance beauty and wellness journalist, experienced a profound emotional pain following a significant breakup. Despite traditional treatments, she turned to ketamine therapy for its potential to fast-track her emotional recovery [...]

A Word of Caution

December 21, 2023

Actor Mathew Perry's death was linked to ketamine, a potent anesthetic that should only be administered by a physician. The media reports suggest Perry may have been self-medicating. It's important to research ketamine therapy facilities and avoid businesses offering home use without proper screening [...]

The Courageous Vulnerability of Mark Duplass: A Journey Through Mental Health

December 21, 2023

Known for his role in the "Mumblecore" movement and appearances on shows like "The Morning Show" and "The League." Duplass's vulnerability offers hope and solidarity to those who struggle silently, and his honesty is a refreshing narrative for the mental health community [...]

Rethinking Depression: A Comprehensive Review Challenges the Serotonin Theory

August 18, 2023

There's a significant lack of consistent evidence to support the idea that depression is directly caused by lowered serotonin activity or concentrations. Some evidence suggests that long-term use of antidepressants might actually decrease serotonin concentration in the body [...]

Ketamine Promises to Be Effective in Treating Major Depression

June 8, 2023

In a groundbreaking development, a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine suggests that ketamine, an anesthetic, could be a promising alternative to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for patients with hard-to-treat depression [...]

Can Ketamine Therapy Be Used to Help With Alcoholism?

November 25, 2022

Researchers noted that this group was over 2.5 times more likely to stay completely abstinent at the end of the trial than those on placebo, and that this was significantly higher than any of the other groups, indicating that the therapy may also have promise for preventing relapse [...]

Comparing the Efficacy of Intravenous and Intranasal Ketamine

October 6, 2022

A study comparing the efficacy of intravenous and intranasal ketamine for treatment-resistant depression found no significant differences in response or remission compared to those receiving the intranasal formulation of the drug, esketamine. The results suggest that fewer treatments might be required with the intravenous formulation, accelerating the antidepressant response [...]

Flight Instructions & Orientation to Journey Experience

July 4, 2022

Journeys have a beginning, middle, and end. Trust the process, medicine, inner healing intelligence, and therapy relationship. Approach with curiosity and trust that experiences will arise, even if not fully understood. Connect with beautiful or challenging experiences, ask for their lessons, and lean into music [...]

Oral Ketamine: Supplementary Treatment for IV Infusions

June 12, 2022

Oral ketamine is used to extend the duration of IV infusions, typically administered in lozenge form called "troches." The decision to initiate oral ketamine depends on the patient's response, symptoms severity, and symptomatic improvement [...]

Ketamine as a Rapidly Effective Treatment for PTSD

May 31, 2022

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai researchers have found that repeated intravenous ketamine infusions significantly lower PTSD symptoms in people with a history of severe trauma. The study found that a quick and sustained recovery was observed for many weeks after the first infusion [...]

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