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Client since 2018
“After almost sixty years of depression, lessened but not “cured” by meds, the treatments I received from Dr. Rosen and his staff at the Blue Sky Ketamine Clinic made a huge difference in my life. Eighteen months later, they continue to be invaluable. So glad I have this treatment to add to my arsenal!”
“My father has been suffering from anxiety, depression, and chronic pain after his cancer treatment for the last few years. He was frequenting the ER several times a month until we met Dr. Rosen one evening. That meeting changed our lives! My Dad was given a ketamine treatment for pain in the ER. Dr. Rosen then followed him up in his clinic. That was our last ER visit, and it's been three years! The debilitating anxiety and depression have both lifted."
D.C. & A.C.
Client sine 2016
“An embryonic experience filled with warmth and hope – unlike any peace I’ve had with my own thoughts before. The ketamine therapy that I have received at Blue Sky Ketamine has brought back a sense of purpose and joy to my life that other depression treatment options have not touched – It’s truly been a life-changing experience.”
Client since 2019
“I have been suffering from chronic pain since my cancer treatment many years ago. I discovered Blue Sky Ketamine after an exhaustive search. Thanks to a grant the clinic had received, I could afford a series of treatments for my chronic pain and depression. I have been traveling to Santa Fe (a 7-hour drive from my home) ever since. My chronic pain and depression are now managed with oral ketamine prescribed by Dr. Rosen adjusted every few months. This has transformed my life!”
Client since 2018
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